Jessie J. Jones


Our Pastor, Jessie J. Jones, was born in Birmingham, Alabama, but was raised here in the Cleveland area. Preceding this ministry, he was chairman of the Deacon Board, taught various classes in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, and served as Associate Pastor at his former church, Canaan Missionary Baptist Church. The Lord led him to complete two degrees, his Graduate of Theology and  Bachelor of Religious Theology Degree at Heritage Baptist Institute, a ministry under the authority of Cleveland Baptist Church, in Brooklyn, Ohio. Then the Lord led him to start and pastor this church, Southeast Baptist.

Our first meeting was held in May 1991, in our home. As the Word of God grew in the hearts of faithful believers we moved out of our home two years later and rented space for our 25 members to meet. After four years of renting, we grew out of that space and the Lord blessed us with our present property in Maple Heights. We have been here since September 1997 with the Lord providing every need.


Mrs. Patricia A. Jones


Patricia was born and raised in Medina, Ohio and moved to the Cleveland area to pursue her career as a public high school teacher, from which she has retired. She followed her husband at Heritage Baptist Institute and received her Graduate of Christian Education Degree and Bachelor of Religious Education Degree. She has also taught several of the women’s classes at Heritage Baptist Institute and has written a book for Christian women, The Blessings of Submission.